Eating Disorder Management

Craft wellness for a Healthy and personalized Diet Plan

At Craft Wellness, we understand body subjectivities and refrain from offering generic diet plans or counselling sessions. Thus, we have devised personalized diet plans and counselling services to help individuals combat eating disorders in a healthy and sustainable way. Meet our team headed by Prachi Patel, one of the leading nutritionists of Ahmedabad, to secure your personal and customized diet plan to change your diet patterns. 

What is an eating disorder? 

Before getting on to curate a personalized dietary plan for people suffering from eating disorders, we at Craft Wellness believe in the importance of enlightening people about it. Does the constant fear of weight gain scare you on seeing a plate of food? Do you end up starving to lose weight? Here’s a list of reasons behind eating disorders.

  • Genetic factors: Though a rare occurrence, eating disorders can be genetic. If you have a sibling or an immediate ancestor with an eating disorder, it might hit you too!
  • Body image issues: Now, this is one of the most popular reasons behind eating disorders. The societal image of a perfectly thin and slim body can push several teenagers and adults toward skipping meals and ultimately submitting to eating disorders. 
  • Personality traits: Personality traits like perfectionism and impulsivity can also cause eating disorders. 

At Craft Wellness, we aim to resolve such disorders through intense counselling and offering customized diet plans by understanding each body type and its parameters. However, before hitting the solution, it is crucial to explore the types of disorders and understand the specific one in your case. 

Types of Eating disorders

  • Anorexia nervosa- Accompanied by tremendous weight loss through excessive exercise or vomiting after eating to limit calorie intake. 
  • Bulimia-Alternate episodes of binge eating and starving have life-threatening impacts. 
  • Binge eating-Overeating even when you are full, leading to obesity and other diseases. 
  • Rumination disorder-Constant act of regurgitating food. 

Combating Eating Disorder Management through Proper Nutrition

Eating disorders can be life-threatening if not treated on time. Hence, you need proper nutrition and a balanced diet, and Craft Wellness helps you start one under the strict supervision of Dr. Prachi Patel. We assist in the following:

  • Develop personalized diet plans for each by understanding their type of eating disorder
  • Device a healthy weight management plan with short-term goals
  • Monitor diets to help you avoid starving or binge-eating
  • Treatment for malnutrition and obesity


“Let’s correct your diet before your weight.”