Pre and Post Natal Nutrition Management

Pre-Natal Nutritional Management

Are you afraid of the extra kilos you might gain while carrying your little one for 9 whole months? Of course, weight and nutrition management is the most crucial things to consider during pregnancy. After all, it is not just you anymore; you have to ensure your baby is fit and healthy too! Thus, grows the importance of pre-natal nutritional management to ensure you and your baby are fit and fine until delivery.

Various body parameters might go haywire with pregnancy. For instance, you might witness high blood pressure or sudden food intolerance, which might last until your delivery. Gestational diabetes is yet another common concern and occurrence amongst most pregnant women. At Craft Wellness, we understand your gestation nutrient requirements and offer tailor-made diet plans devised by Prachi Patel, one of the leading dieticians in Ahmedabad.

Post-Natal Nutrition Management

Like other things, your responsibility towards healthy eating does not end with your delivery. Instead, your concern over diet increases, specifically during your breastfeeding period. While most moms tend to freak out over their extra kilos after delivery, we offer you the best pre-natal nutritional management services. While we ensure you fit-into shape, our dieticians help you achieve your goals in a healthy and sustainable way.

Post nutritional management is vital for the following-

  • Healthy breastfeeding: All the nutrients you intake diffuse to your child through breastfeeding
  • Avoid health complications: Reducing food intake might cause deficiencies and body imbalances, especially after delivery.
  • Proper digestive functions: Your body is weak after delivery and can have digestive issues. A healthy diet with proper nutrition can help you combat them.

Importance of Pre and Post-Natal Nutritional Management

  • Ensuring a healthy baby
  • Proper foetus brain development
  • Reduce congenital disabilities
  • Efficient weight management
  • Faster healing after delivery
  • Ensuring a healthy diet for you and your baby

Why us? 

Craft Wellness offers tailor made nutritional supplements and solutions during pre and post-natal periods. Our world-class nutritionists and dieticians, headed by Prachi Patel, help cater to all aspects of pre and post-natal pregnancy and cater to individual needs. Craft Wellness also aims to assist pregnant mothers in leading a healthy and balanced life along with weight management hacks. If you are looking for proper weight management and healthy nutrient diets, Craft Wellness can help you look after you and your baby. What’s more? We offer you custom diet plans according to your body requirements.