Food Security and Sustainability

What is Food Security and Food Sustainability?

In simple words, food security is the measure of a person’s ability to procure and consume food which is nutritious and in required quantity. In other words, food security signifies the situation wherein the food must fulfil an individual’s food preferences and dietary requirements to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

Food Sustainability means shared responsibility for the production, supply and consumption of food products that are safe and nutritious, and are non-harmful to our natural environment thereby improving quality of lives of present as well as future generations.

We Support Sustainability of food security

At Craftwellness we strongly support food sustainability which cover areas like prevention of food wastage, food recovery and climate change. We provide guidance about food waste management in our day-today lives, thus living lives which is in sync with mother nature.

Practicing food sustainability makes sure that your home or business leaves lower environmental impact. We guide you how to avoid wasting or damaging natural resources. We support production and consumption of locally sourced food items.

Quick Tips for Food Security and Sustainability

  • Cut down meat consumption.
  • Consider recycling food waste.
  • Consume plant-based diets.
  • Avoid using plastic straws.
  • Select sustainable seafood.
  • Say no to plastic items.
  • Use sustainable food ingredients.
  • Opt for eco-packaging of food items.